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how often should you replace work shoes?

  Add Dateļ¼š 2017-7-21

So check and clean your work shoes is that you like to spend time doing the right thing? If you are like most workers, the answer is a loud "no", which is perfectly understandable. You have to go where the people can see, and the last thing you get off work from is to spend 5 minutes check your shoes.

Nevertheless, to avoid your shoes jumping up on the slippers or when the shoes in a hurry, the only way is to pay attention to your shoes. My job is to make sure you know what to look for so that you know when to buy new non-slip shoes.

Check your tires
Just like checking tread depth tires, check your outsole once a week after work. Heels or feet or less obvious? Will it feel smooth when you hold hands? If the soles are fragmented or debris, these are signs that you should start buying new pair of work shoes.

Do not let your shoes "speak"
When the outsole of the shoe begins to separate from the upper, we call it "speak" because it looks like opening on the toes of your shoes. It is a simple wear sign and will happen in enough time in all the shoes. The construction of the shoes determines how long it will take before this happens, but as long as this happens, it is time to get a pair of new shoes. You can usually use enough time to repair the shoes in order to survive some liquid cement in a few weeks, but this is only a temporary solution and should not be overlooked.

Unless you are a pope, or your shoes should not be "porous"
Yes, it's awful, but you understand my point of view. As the upper part of the shoes from the water stained with water, grease, flour, sn ags and rub, will begin to tear. This may happen happening more quickly, depending on your working environment and upper layers of material. In addition to not looking good, it makes your shoes less reliable because a small hole or crack can become a big hurry. The last thing you want 2 hours into the 12 hours of class, your shoes will fall apart, so be proactive. After every two shifts, you can look at your upper.

It's hard to be old

On the age of anti-skid shoes or you should buy a few new shoes, there is no difficult and fast rules. Different shoes use different quality materials and construction processes, and your working environment is different from other people. In general, non-slip shoes in the average working environment for 6 to 12 months. Some may last longer and some may last longer This is why many companies give employees a "subsidy" once or twice a year to make sure they wear shoes in the best condition.

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