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how to tell if a shoe is non slip?

  Add Dateļ¼š 2017-7-21
Most people think that because a shoe company affixed to the box or paste the "anti-skid" shoes stickers, shoes are non-slip. This is a misunderstanding. Another misunderstanding is simply because the soles (soles) are complex or weird designs that will be better caught. Again, not always!
There are no standard labels for non-slip shoes in the United States. The previous standard was very outdated, so was pulled.
Tread design will significantly improve skid resistance; however, it will not just increase traction. There are many factors that affect skidding. One of the biggest factors is the rubber mixture.
So what can you do to check whether the shoes are slippery? Here are some ways to check:
Look at the soles. Is the foot design good? Still have bigger ears? Often, the smaller the lug, the better the slip resistance.
Feel the only one. Is it soft and versatile? Or hard and stiff? Often, the soles are soft and the grip is better.
Does the expert feel that the soles are made of rubber or other composite material. US shoes from rubber, PVC, PU and other compounds made of rubber has the best anti-skid properties.
The best way is to be able to test with oil and soap. If you can, put some oil or soapy water on a smooth surface and test if it is slippery. Most of the shoes will fail this test, so please be very careful when doing this test!
JStep soles are thoroughly tested and do not fall even under oily and soap conditions.
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