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What does composite toe mean?

  Add Date: 2017-7-27

When it comes to work shoes, many customers come to the store looking for steel foot boots, or I will receive a lot of people from the e-mail and phone, ask "men's best steel toe boots" Well, I have several preferences, but there are also boots available with different types of safety toes like alloy or composite material. It is best to argue about which toes, but I think it's up to you. It just depends on what you are using and how you feel in the boot.

Steel, alloy or composite toe safety boots
Of course, in this work, security is always the first. That's why it's important to get the right security toes, because depending on your job, different features may be more important to you. Sometimes it is more important if you want to spend a lot of time on an uneven terrain, or if you spend a lot of miles on work boots, such as chipping in a lumberjack. If your boots are too heavy, spend a lot of time on the side of the mountain will wear you. On the other hand, it is also important for you to have a higher impact rating or compression level.

Some organizations in the United States have evaluated safety measures in their tests. Evaluate the ratings and compression ratings from the American National Standards Institute. An example is I / 75 and C / 75. If a safe toe level is I / 75, it means that it can handle up to 75 pounds of fall if it has C / 75, which means it can handle compression at 2500 pounds. There are 30 and 50 ratings. Whether you choose steel, alloy or composite material, check the rating before purchase to ensure the correct level of protection

Here's a quick overview, you can find each of their toes and boots:

Alloy toe boots
Alloy toes may be our most popular safe toes. They are made of lightweight materials such as aluminum and titanium, but are as strong as steel. Our customers are really made of Timberland TiTAN boots, made of lightweight titanium toes. Some TiTANS have compound or steel toe, but for alloy toes, we like men's TiTAN® 8 inch safety toe waterproof work boots and men's TiTAN® 6 inch safety toe lace toe boots. The Danner quarry also has a great alloy toe and Keen Portland and aluminum toes.

Advantages: alloy toes lighter than steel 30-50%. It becomes thinner, so you can find more space in the toes box.

Disadvantages: In some cases, these may run more expensive, but they are worthwhile in terms of comfort and safety. They set off metal detectors, so if you often out of the safe area, it may cause inconvenience.

Steel toe boots
Classic is steel toe boots. The toe of the toe boots is made of heavy steel to protect you from broken and falling objects.

Advantages: These are often on the less expensive side. You can get the maximum protection against falling objects and equipment such as chain saws and grinders.

Disadvantages: they are very heavy They may feel uncomfortable with the smaller toe box, and will also set off metal detectors, such as alloy toes.

Boots: KEEN Utility Set has a good steel toe option. White's custom work boots like a worker and a smoke jumper are classic, and many white objects can be customized with steel toes. We also love Wesco and Danner's steel toe boots.

Composite toe boots
If you need moderate protection, the composite material is very good. They still pass all the standards but may not be rated as much weight as steel or alloy toes. They are made of non-metallic materials such as Kevlar, carbon fiber, plastic or glass fiber.

Advantages: They are suitable for extreme high temperatures or low temperatures because they do not heat or cool like metal toes. They are 30% lighter than steel toes.

Disadvantages: They can not withstand as much shock or compression as steel or alloy toes as much as possible. They pass the standard, but if there are some really heavy, they can crack or break.

Boots: Dana Super Rainforest, Dana Striker NMT and TiTAN Composite Toes.

Find out what kind of toe you need, depending on what you have to do. If you need help finding the right person, please call Baker.


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